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Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms

by Arcana Collective

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Wings 07:11
Tailwind 03:55
Hope: You walk beside me, No longer within reach. The weary rays of dawn Crumble under the touch of your feet, As they land on untouched soil, Never to leave a mark. You walk beside me. You stand in front of me, Forever out of reach. But we will meet again some day Where all your dreams have taken you away. Damian: (Holding out your hand, Forever watching from above. Until we meet again, Pushing ever further past the storm.) Hope: Spread my wings, Carried on the current Towards where you are. Your guiding wind, Strong and warm, it never ceases To bring me back to where I belong. Closer to where you are. Damian: (Closer to where you are!) Hope: Until we meet again, Soaring ever higher. I won't back down until the end, Searching out for you. Holding out your hand, Forever watching from above. Until we meet again, Reaching out to claim the sun.
Octosun News Dialogue: Dave: (With) upwards of 100 homes already lost, fire crews struggle to contain the flames spreading across the city while families are left, with nowhere to go. Over to you, Alice. Alice: Thanks, Dave. Temperatures this week are soaring in the mid to high 40s, making this one of the hottest, driest summer's that the continent has ever seen. Droughts spreading all across the country have put sales at an all-time low for the agriculture industry, damaging crops and putting animals at risk of starvation. What little that can be provided to stores has been bought up within days and now the government is trying to find alternatives to feed a starving country. Damian: I fell, I fell. When I had climbed so high, So high. Damian and Hope: Hope, in strife. I'll learn to face my fears, In time. Hope, (Damian), [Nightmare]: Rays of light, entangling my mind. (Cast aside your sullied past; your darkest betrayal.) [In time, I'll face this strife!] My vision fades. (Time has cast it's ugly mark on all under this same sun. Reaching out.) [Walking the path bathed in light!] Damian and Hope: Make your way to the surface, Wrapped in beams of warmth and grace. [Nightmare]: Hope fades with darkest grey! Sorrow shades the brightest days! Damian and Hope: Darkest visions made of clay, Formed by sand and time. Leave your suffering behind, And break yourself from your cage. The sun is grasping. Wings (Reprised) Damian: And to cross the sun; The fire a passion Lit upon a pyre, Never to decend. Soaring above In a flurry of motion. Hidden away From the coldness of the earth.


Canada’s Arcana begin their cinematic and poetic saga with “Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms”, which will prove to be a real treat for progressive metal fans across the globe.
The space rock-opera concept is full of layered voices and lyrics, which paint a grandiose portrait of thoughtful concepts and grand tales. The debut EP is just the tip of the iceberg with several more releases planned to tell various stories across a widespread universe. This EP is a sort of love story from the protagonist Damian to his wife Hope and their child Cassidy before tragedy strikes.


released November 6, 2020

• All songs performed by: Rogan McAndrews (guitar, bass, vocals), Deyson Thiara (drums), & Anna Draper (vocals)
• All songs written by: Rogan McAndrews
• Produced by: Rogan McAndrews & Deyson Thiara
• Mixed by: Deyson Thiara
• Mastered by: Deyson Thiara
• Album Artwork by: Kate Depatie, Rogan McAndrews


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Arcana Collective Calgary, Alberta

Arcana brings you a myriad of sounds from battering prog rock to delicate pop hooks. With a narrative spanning across multiple albums, Arcana blends sci-fi, mythology, and a study of human action in the face of adversity. The story follows Damian as he attempts to mend his life and relationship with his wife, Hope, and daughter, Cassidy, in the wake of tragedy. ... more

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